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Youth Empowerment


Volunteers during a September Social event sponsored by Stand UP Cass County

Would you like to create a positive change in your community?  Prevention means stopping drug use before it happens! Through prevention efforts we can create a healthier and safer community to live, work, and play!

Take Action! Coalitions are the key to success.

  • Bring your ideas for outreach, education, and activities to the table

  • Have fun, while learning and developing new skills 

  • Identify others that should join us

  • Be heard! What do you want to do? This is your coalition, own it.

Youth from the Art Club working on an Above the Influence Mural for Live United Day


A number of youth volunteers at our annual Co-sponsored YMCA event Healthy Kids Day!

Stand Up Cass County provides education and training opportunities. to Cass County. We partner to raise awareness about positive youth development, design programs and campaigns promoting prevention strategies, host events, change laws and policies, and bring resources to the community.


Stress, self image, relationships, drugs and alcohol, pop culture, bullying, friends/peers.....

There might come a point when you ask yourself, who am I really? Am I being real? Am I still the kid my parents think I am? And more importantly, who do I want to be?

The truth is, you’re a lot of things to a lot of people – you’re interesting like that. You can be one thing online and still be kind of different in person. You can be someone to look up to, and know what it feels like to get rejected. You can be righteous in your decisions and still slip up and make mistakes.

But, with so many versions of yourself, it’s easy to forget the one thing that keeps you real – the pure-grade, original first edition of yourself.

The point is, when you reach the moment where you have to ask yourself, who am I really? Press pause. Hit reset. And remember, you’re Above the Influence.

Interested in learning more about this? Reach out!

Email or text/call 765-437-6905

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