W.A.I.T. What am I thinking?

W.A.I.T. is a campaign that teaches youth to stop before acting and encourages them to think about the consequences of their decision. One of the biggest protective factors a youth can have is setting goals for their future and understanding how their decisions today affect those goals for the future! A child with goals is less likely to participate in risky behaviors. Talk to your kids about what their goals are in life and how they can obtain those goals!


We can get caught up in the emotion and make bad decisions.  If we stop and think before we act, we can save ourselves from a lot of trouble! This book is to help you think about your decisions and weigh your options so that you can have the best future possible.  Here are a few simple questions that you can ask yourself or someone else.  
  • How will this decision affect my future?  The results we are getting now are are based on the decisions we made in the past!  What do we want our future to look like?   Will these decisions today help us move closer to those goals or could they have a negative impact on attaining those goals? The future is going to happen anyway, why not be on purpose?

  • How will this affect others around me? Sometimes we get caught up in the moment and forget to think about how what we say or do can affect others. Once we say it, it is hard to take it back.  Sometimes we hurt people that we care about.

  • Am I being pressured? Peer pressure can be a very strong thing. Don’t do things just because others are doing it or they want you to.  They aren’t thinking of your future. You are responsible for you own actions.

  • Is there someone who could help me with this decision? We all need someone who we can trust to give us good advice.  Find an adult that you know who you look up to help.  This could be a parent, grandparent, teacher, counselor, or a friend of the family.

  • Are there better choices? What are the other options that I have?  What are other things that I could do instead?  Which of these options will help me be the best person that I can be?

What are my positive values? I am caring, I am kind, I have integrity, I am honest, and I am personally responsible for my actions. Every action has a reaction!

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